A. The technological support: our IT solutions

  • Your data are hosted on a separate secured server
  • You can, upon request, keep your database hosted in your environment; We would then access remotely.
  • Your data are secured and stored: daily backup, biannual crash tests
  • Our IT team works closely with you to meet your confidentiality requirements

B. Phone: ACD with SAP-BCM

  • Voice over IP recording: qualitative, stable, reliable
  • Support by SAP directly
  • Integrated smart tool: real-time monitoring and control of productivity
  • International: a constant backup.

C. CRM software with Coheris CRM

A dedicated folder by customer, a case for each contact and the associated reply provided
The methods and the most advanced technologies
for "hand-made" service

D. A tool to classify information: our innovative solutions

Infotel: The information is centralized
for a reliable, fast and efficient assistance