The general benefits of outsourcing are as following :
  • A client service quickly operational on longer hours
  • An increase in productivity, i.e. +50% vs. internal solution, therefore an overall lower cost
  • Lack of uncertainty including on sick leaves, holidays etc
  •   A consistent level service
  •  No fixed costs, i.e. premises, computer tools, staff
The specific advantages of ASM: a qualitative service dedicated to luxury brands
Regarding the psychological reluctances of luxury brands: :
  •  "ignorance of our way of communicating, philosophy, approaches"
  • "our needs are specific, our database is ultra precious, we are unique"
  •  "the compliance with our privacy rule and that of our customers"
ASM responds with: :
  • a specific approach dedicated to each brand,
  • a know-how in the luxury industry,
  • a full privacy over data.